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[CS:GO] De_marquis

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Just to let you now that we posted our map on the workshop although there is still some unpolished content and few bugs to fix. 





We would be very thankful if you could share and test it :) !

Anyway thanks all of you for your comments and feedbacks !





















//////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////   O L D   //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////



Jpley and me are working on a CS:GO with original content.


Brief and screenshots :

"First rought layout for a brand new map located in some streets of an european city.

Please give it a try and feel free to give us any feedbacks regarding the layout design"









Workshop : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=192670887


Any feedbacks/ideas are welcome. Thanks !

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I didn't know about the 1.6 map. Our layout is totally new.

We are also  currently using a temporary name. The map will have a new name as soon as we will merge our "art" map with this layout.

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Hey Guys,


I just wanna add some details about this. We just wanted to add some 'art test' screenshots to be a little bit more appealing to you, so you can have a more concrete idea of what our goals are. Keep in mind that all the texture/ modeling work is still very WIP .


We're currently hardly working on the layout of the map to get a strong design before going deeper into the art job. So if you could try it with few friends and give us a maximum feedbacks about it, we would deeply appreciate it :)



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Nice work! Can you post a screenshot of that corner with and without meshes? I'd like to see how much brushes you've used ;)

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No problem. Next time, we will take care of the contrast. :)

Keep in mind we didn't really work the lighting. It's juste a basic sun to work; that's true our shadow are too dark.


Seir > here a screen to show how we build our facades :



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