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Arbor Vitae - UDK Scene [WIP]


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It's using a complete real time solution for this, the assets still have lightmaps and all that fun stuff UDK offers by default but they also have real time reflections and proper shading. Closest you can get to PBR with current gen tech (Although that screenshot is only NM+AO)

I spent like a week working on that fucking master material, but I finally have a really solid mat to create instances and work with. All you need to do is plug your dif, spec, gloss and normal and tweak a few parameters I've exposed in the instance as well, such as vertex painting. (I've allowed for the painting of some moss and wet surface with dripping water, I'll show it latter)


For the reflections It's simply reflector planes. When the scene is done we'll manually place a lot more and it will look much better and believable hopefully! :)

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i'm thinking about this spot here is that chromatic aberration used VERY nicely ? or jus light looking like that in that spot ? after you finish this shit pliz make a material break down.
So you're saying you didn't tweak the renderer in any way just work on materials it self ? fuck it just look too damn clean as for UE3, and i'm dead serious, any ways i love that screen by itself !
and again question, if you are using only real time solutions, so i figure only dynamic lights - so why UE3 not CE 3 ?

and small hint, outside the windows over those hills you have large free sky, make it look very sci fi, give it like 2-3 moons or some cool planets variations, something that all 80's sci/fi fan love ! :)

fuck i need to start working on my shit

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knj, no no man, there's deffo some post processing enabled. I thought you were talking about the mats only. I'm using the same techniques I used on my previous scene for Post. (Very very slight chromatic aberration, vignette, a color gradient, LUT and of course filmic tone-mapping) I'm also gonna turn on lens flare, camera dust and a couple other neat things when we're done with the scene.


Vilham, yeah that's basically a holo deck big ass workstation. This is supposed to be a big facility that is creating O2, and that's like the main workstation for this wing of the facility. As long as that message comes across I'm happy. We'll try and make it look like a serves more purpose, thanks dude.


Great feedback so far, so glad i created this thread!

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and this might be outside the box, but first think that comes to me when thinking about O2 are plants, maybe use some small plants to make it look more bio ?


Absolutely, I allocated a couple days to make some vines and outside vegetation. If you look at my first concept you'd see some vines right on the outside of the glass, I still want to do that idea, I think it will help sell the scene a lot.


I also wanted to make a small vehicle for the scene, like a little bot. But I doubt there'd be time, or if it would even make sense.


Also, I want to have water on the inside, all around that main station casting caustics to the side walls.

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