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Freddie Pitcher - Environment Artist


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**Edit** Portfolio Update 28/06/14


I have recently updated my portfolio, redesigned the whole website, plus I have added a lot more recent work. The URL is exactly the same as my old portfolio so the link below should take you straight there. Again, any critique is more than welcome. Would love to know what you guys think





Hey guys and gals.


I've been sneaking around this site for a while, mostly going on the 'WIP, post your levels thread'. Some really, really cool work on there! Finally signed up.


I graduated Uni 4 months ago studying Digital Film, Games and Animation. Now looking for my first job in the industry.

I focusing on building my skills as an Environment Artist. I feel I'm a bit late to the Environment Art scene, as I have only really started to focus my attention and learn for about a year or so.


Take a look at my portfolio, www.freddiepitcher.com


Any feedback would be mucho appreciated. It doesn't really follow the same style that many other portfolios take (Thin banner pictures listed on top of each other)


Let me know what you think and hello to all!

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Just checking through it quickly, it seems you have applied the 'Game Design' tag to a lot of things that aren't related to design, in fact most (all?) of them I would label as Environment Art instead (e.g. the Sci-fi crate). Also you said you have studied film and animation, is there any of this work you could cover on your portfolio?

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Yeah the whole website is based on a fancy version of Behance (called 'Prosite') It's really not ideal at the moment.

The site only gives you a select amount of 'Tags' to choose from (Instead of typing them in yourself) and games design was the closest they offer as a 'tag'. Again, really not ideal.


I just don't know enough about web design to create something that I wanted, so I went for one of these 'drag-and-drop' DIY websites.


With the animation and film. I do have work, but its really not very good. I haven't put it on as I don't think it truly represent my ability. Most of what I did was briefly learn the basics of animation and film VFX. Stuff like, making a pendulum swing or a ball bounce. Or compositing with green screens.


But once I had completed those modules, I never took it further. In the final year you could choose to focus on one of the three topics, I chose games. I can put them on there, but it wouldn't stand out. 

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