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Canyon Creation in World Machine - Problem

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How are you creating the terrain? Is this all noise generation, or are you using the polygon editor to seed the initial shapes?

For the Canyon-themed levels on Starhawk, I had issues with steep slopes getting completely wiped out. I manually added a little lip around the edges where the erosion was wiping things out to sort of "collect" the flow and maintain the shapes below. You might also be able to do something similar using custom falloffs on polygon primitives.

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To Pericolos0


I'm using a Coastal Overlay macro for visualization in review. For Unity Engine i need to export only heightmap and splatmap.




To KungFuSquirrel


Basic height map i making in unity, because in world machine hard to feel the correct scale. And then i blend height map with perlin noise via Combiner, to make random details on terrain. Next making Terrace and Curves for canyonization and smooth gameplay area via Layout Generator.






After 5 hours of torment i made canyons with minimum ice cream and good erosion effects, but terraces looks too smoothly:




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