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True Detective - TV Show

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I liked season 2 but got a bit lost with all the names being thrown around at times, was hard to keep track of the full story. I think by the end I understood maybe about 90% of what happened, but had to read around in between episodes to get up to speed. The thing about season 1 was, it was cool because there were so many conspiracy theories being thrown around, and you could really throw yourself into them and try to figure out some of the mysteries. Ultimately though the ending was pretty by the numbers, and it turned out a lot of those theories were red herrings or the writers had never intended for people to look so deeply into it all. I didn't approach Season 2 looking for anything other than a standard cop thriller with a good cast therefore, and it delivered on that. 

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1. This is intriguing as fuck.   2. This is fucking high quality.   3. Some of the imagery and scenes creeps me the fuck out.   4. You should watch this fucking show.

Latest episode was so intense and well directed I got an adrenaline high

Can good want!

I really enjoyed this season 2: good characters (even if Woodrugh if boring), good story, good picture, still got the dramatic atmosphere and the interesting murder case with more tension in the situations and more action. Actors are great: I don't usaully like Colin Farell but he is great here; I adore Vince Vaughn in general and he is pretty cool in the show. 

YES it is completely different from season one that was the intention and YES it is more of a classic police thriller but it is good and I took pleasure watching it. 

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