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True Detective - TV Show

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I'm gonna watch the entirety of Season 2 solely based on Season 1. I owe 'em that. :D 

Season 2 is definitely off to a shakier start but there's been a lot of really interesting moments thus far. I need to see where everything leads to before I can give my final judgement though.

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Was okay, but very disappointing compared to season 1. I appreciate that they tried to do something very different with the 2nd season, and that just trying to replicate/continue season 1 wouldn't work, but it just felt like plain crime show with great production values, where as the 1st season felt like it really brought something new to the table and really set your mind racing in interesting directions. I also feel that in season 2 it was definitely strongest when they focused on the plot rather than the characters stories, especially because to me it feels like

none of those really had worthwhile payoffs


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