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CS:GO Workshop: Weapon Finishes

General Vivi

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If only the removal of comments actually made the workshop less useless for new and unknown designers. :(


I am new to skinning the weapons, and I posted 1 skin as a test to use the workshop more than anything else. I had 6 comments all of which were:


nice skin. plz look and rate mine: "obscurely named skin with no connection to how the gun actually looks"


Not only that, but unless they changed it, the thumbnail image you uploaded your skin with was fixed, so updating the skin is not going to attract more people.

Hey Jack,

You can edit your preview screenshot if you go through "workshop_publish" in console. It allows you to edit the files and screenshot for anything you've already published. 

This means you can even take feedback on a skin, change it, and then reupload the targa, VTF, and/or text file. You can change the preview image in the same way.




Hope this helps anyone who is in need! :)

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After 1000's of notifications on my dust2 winter reskin coming from russians that spammed crappy gun skins, I thought I'd make my own crappy gun skin  :v


Yes, that's how they look in-game :>





Haha I saw these posted on Reddit.


Very cool idea and would work well with the stickers and stuff! :D

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Heeey guys, is my first time here we made a skin for Cs-Go, hope you guys like it, 

 (# ゚∀゚#)b










Our workshop page.


Thank all u for the supp.(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ 

(# ゚∀゚#)b

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Hey everyone, decided to make my first CSGO skin, what do you guys think?  :)





I like it, I'm always a fan of bright colours. However, I'm not sure about that thin line at the bottom. It's all part of the magazine still so I would probably suggest removing it, or making the whole base the camo

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