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General Vivi

CS:GO Workshop: Weapon Finishes

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Hey everyone, decided to make my first CSGO skin, what do you guys think?  :)





I like it, I'm always a fan of bright colours. However, I'm not sure about that thin line at the bottom. It's all part of the magazine still so I would probably suggest removing it, or making the whole base the camo

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So, I and FMPONE designed a new skin for CS go, please take a look for more images :) And feedback are more than welcome. Thanks! :)



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Wow, a lot of good works here, congrats guys, so, we want your feedback to wich gun you think this skin fits better.



I think the five seven is more suited for it.


The deagle feels odd. Then it may fit the glock,  but I'll tend to see such type of graphics on the five seven because it is more curved than the glock, which edges ruin the visual effect.

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Hey, I'm thinking of giving skinning a try.
Are there any tutorials and resources you recommend?*

I've watched these videos by Hollandje, but it seems to me he's skipping some steps, I mean it feels some stuff is given for granted.
I've read the official Valve guide but some concepts I'm confused on, for example when they apply a pattern and also have parts of a solid color in the Hydrographic style:

  • i can see the chosen colours in the text,
  • i don't understand how the paint by colour works (I don't see in the text a reference between a certain colour and the given part/area)
    • are the numbered areas fixed and you need to choose the colour accordingly?
  • Wear: I understand you can mask parts you want not to wear via the alpha channel
    • so I guess this means you cannot create custom wear patterns, that is fixed/generated by CSGO on its own?

*In terms of resources I'm thinking if there are cheat-sheets/template photoshop file with weapon parts cut-outs with masks that you can toggle while painting/drawing over the parts?
I'm trying to imagine the workflow for more intricate and "illustrated" designs, stuff like the ever famous Neo-noir where you need certain parts of the design to align



and I'm wondering how you achieve this when working on the original texture map that looks like this below, which means you have to cut, rotate, flip parts of your illustration to align.




Guess I should first create the artwork and worry later, but wondering if is possible to paint with this in mind to make it easier to apply, as designs like the Kill Confirmed take advantage of the weapon shape, in my head I look at a weapon's side and "project" an artwork on it, so if I was to start designing this below, I would take the weapon silhouette and paint the artwork... but reading the guide doesn't seem this might be ideal or allowing for the best result.


Hope this post makes sense 😬 and I hope it's fine tagging some skin experts 😆

@Thurnip @General Vivi @FMPONE


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