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Alien: Isolation


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I really don't like the comments from Kotaku like "Hope to take Gearbox far away from it". Somehow it's true, but it's another step reduce the distance between gamer and developer. There are some insults on Randy Pitchford and that sucks hard... :/


I agree that the internet goes way too far in it's hate but in Randy's case, he sure does his best to provoke it (which still doesn't justify threats and stuff). Just saying.

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I played ACM with 2 other friends in coop last week. With all the patches and stuff its just about bearable and far more fun in coop. I "accidentally" launched one of my friends out of the airlock in the end game queen fight.


No matter how amusing the coop is, ACM really is a textbook example on how to fuck up un-fuck-up-able material, though.

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I'm not sure how much this has changed since I left CA, but it was looking really good and you should get the hypes.


As far as I'm aware no new information has actually been released yet, but the trademark application has caused Kotaku to repost some rumours from half a year ago, some of which their source has said are possibly maybe true.

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I hope the "Isolation" in the name means a more horror like and slow paced game. Not everything needs to be a dude-bro CoD game.


A Dutch site said the game would feature, for the most part, just one alien that's hunting you just like in the original movie. It's supposed to be more like Amnesia. No way to verify that though.

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