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How to work together?


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Hey mate,


Some ideas that i found to work well with me; First put off egos and the feel of personal property over what you do; easy said .. :)


Then try to find who between you two is the guy who starts stuff easily and who is the one that finish stuff easily, if that's the case, then one starts blocking out and the other polish, and switch the roles from time to time.


I find it to be very motivating, because if your in lack of inspiration, your mate gives you a base to work on and you want to work as best as you can to polish his stuff and make it looks good. And the other way around, you see your idea coming out awesomely nice and it makes you all motivated to start something again in anticipation for what it will become.


Basically value your friendship over the work, in that case you owe your mate something and he does too, in that case you will give the best of yourselves for that friendship, because you have the work of your friend in your hands.


But i'm pretty sure it doesn't work with everybody, it won't work especially if there is competition, strong egos or if one of you is very critical and judgemental. Then in that case it's better to find everyone a strong defined role and stick to it.

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Actually, how I work in a collab is kinda how kokos explained.


Basically you need to agree about the final result, and what's the goal of your map before starting anything, the really good stuff about a collab, it's that the work from the other inspire you a lot, when someone has an issue with his block-out/detail, the other can work on it and make awesome things, then it inspire you, etc.


Be aware that two guys who know their stuffs don't have the same opinions about how to do something, so be sure that your way of designing, your tastes, and your skill barely match.


You'll be prompted to do a lot of concessions to please the other, if you don't have the same opinion about how this brush need to looks, then talk about it, and be honest, if you think that the other got a better argument, then go with his point of view.


Collabs are really cool, don't compare how much you made and how much he made, if his works inspire you, he could have made 35% of the thing, it doesn't really matter if the final result is even better than what you expected.

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...and don't act as if it's "your" game and that part right there is "the thing you did in the game and only you can touch". The result should be a game that everybody contributed to on different ways. "This is our game, we created it together as a team" is a healthier perspective.


People are responsible for different parts in the game development. Let's say a programmer and a designer. If the programmer thinks that a mechanic the designer wanted to be implemented is wrong and should be changed, the best thing he/ she could do is to talk to the responsible (the designer) so they could find something that works better for the game (and not for anyone's personal taste). If the programmer simply changes that mechanic without bringing that up to the designer, I can assure you that it would be very frustrating and the feeling of trust between those team mates would be shattered.


tl;dr: the game is the result of a teamwork. discuss and provide feedback to your team mates.

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