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Nuclear Union


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Prepare yourself Sentura, Robert Briscoe and anyone else who has a STALKER-esque fetish, for this one's a doozy...
I was given a link to this today, it's a singleplayer open-world sandbox RPG set in an alternate timeline whereby a post-nuclear USSR emerges following a long war breaking out over the Cuban Missile crisis of 1962.
Just check out some of the media;


Much fapping was had over the likes of these...

There are lots more screenshots and concept art on the website as well as further in-depth information on gameplay and storyline;




Here's a trailer also;


Apparently it's out sometime this year....ЗА РОДИНУ!

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Trailer felt a bit meh towards the end. I'd like to have seen some character involvement as the setting is quite clear from the screenshots. But it definitely looks interesting. If it's coming to Steam I'll pick it up.


From their forums;



for sure Nuclear Union will be available on Steam from the day of official release.

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