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Introduction to handplane for workshop (Source engine) artists


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I'm really not convinced by this tools. It try to fix a problem by tweaking it and not solving it by its source. I mean, the main problem is that people use Low poly object wich are not shaded as well. You can see dirty gradient where triangle appear sometime because they are affraid by using hard ege or they dont understand how to bake with hard edge. I always tweak the normal of my object to optimize the baking and I never had to use this kind of """fixing""" tools. Its also avoid me to have gradient in my normal map and that permits my bitmap to do not suffer to much after compression.

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This does take a lot of the annoyance out of baking for specific platforms, but yeah I agree that it doesn't neccessarily cause people to explore baking methods as in-depth, if they just let this program do all the hard work. It's good to have that underlying knowledge!

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