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de_crossfire, work in progress


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thanks for the comments!

yes Pampers your right, the 3dskybox including the mountains still needs a lot of work, i will also try adding more fog to see how it works out.
About decreasing saturation, i was about to add a crane that is either orange or yellow and all doors in the map are half orange/red now :P

i did pretty much the oppostie haha, but when i add colorcorrecion to the map i will try to push back saturation to see how it looks!


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Hi, I want to show you guys the progress I made on crossfire.
I played around with the lighting a bit and also did some work on the mountains, but I still need to put some more time in them.
Also it seems Minos and Psy where both right about adding more fog and decreasing overall saturation, thanks :)













feedback please!

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I honestly preferred the map way back when you didn't have this snow theme on it =P. Anyways, it does look good but some of the custom props you have in here seem a little too sci-fi for the area currently. 

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Thanks for the feedback, its meant to be a "super secret" cyborg factory from the 80s that is being reopend, ofcourse the terrorists dont like this and want to blow the place up as usual.
for the props in the map I used 80s computers, factories and 80s toys as reference :)
but since all the machines and computers are made up I might have added a bit too much scfi flavor to it.

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