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Richard Malinar env art portfolio, need feedback :)


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Good stuff man!


I kinda wonder if it should be a little bit wider? There is so much wasted space on the left and right of the main content part, which makes all the thumbnails really small!


yikes that was what i was affraid of ! I only have a poor laptop running on a small resolution, thanks man i need to check that on a bigger screen !


@dux, i need to find them back, probably lost :( this udk scene was cursed. Thanks, i feel the same for the game :(, not enough budget, SEGA, not enough time ... errr


@marcem cheers mate, i need to check that out, blogspot is annoying ;x


@knj cheers dude :), i ... i love bricks ..

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Okay my quick feedback is this:


I have seen your stuff. It's very good.


Upon viewing the page I didn't get the "wow"-feeling I should. It's like your work is framed in a not-too-appealing way, if you know what I mean? For example, if I try to ignore the site and only look at the "Crasher" thumb, it looks really good. But in the context of the page, it looks more dull than it should. And if you are mass-applying then I think this is super important. Otherwise your folio could be overlooked by a recruiter.


For example, here we have three gentlemen who's portfolios bring their art out excellently imho:




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Yeah, bigger thumbnails!

I'd suggest:

- moving the project's names to inside the thumbnails to avoid using unnecessary space.

- Changing the background colour. IMO, that light grey doesn't help to highlight your thumbnails. I prefer a dark background, but as Puddy pointed above, there are portfolios with light backgrounds that are able to highlight the images too. Maybe my suggestion would be to stick to a dark or a light background instead of using both ("dark background with light grey background behind your projects").


My first reaction was that the font size was too small, but maybe that's good.


Good work :)

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