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Daikatana on Steam!!


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I'm looking at that picture (first one, posted by Helder)... do you remember Paul Jaquays, Q3 level designer? He changed a bit.


WTF? I remember that dude from Mapcenter. Didn't see this coming. 



Oh wow... See? Making video games will fuck with anyone's head man. I predict every mapcorean will grow a mangina in a few years too.

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Scary isn't it? :oops: Some of the old threads are so great. If you hop back 10 years you can see us all basically talking about Half-Life 2 in the same way as Half-Life 3 haha. Hindsight is a wonderful thing when you see threads like 'OK surely Valve won't delay HL2 past April 2004, that'd ruin their reputation forever'. :lol:

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Oh man, I'm getting There's even a Romero appearance on page three.  :cool:


"Posted 27 November 2004"


That's almost 10 years ago. BRB gotta think about my life



Omg look what I found on that website. This is the best photo I've ever seen. LMAO the expression on the orangutan's face in the Italy t-shirt, hahahaha.



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