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Nice visuals!  Fits well with the CS theme.  :D


My machine is a little old, but I am noticing some drops in framerate (~30-40 fps) in key areas of the map like the outdoor stretch surrounding the B site (this is without bots).  My rig typically runs the stock maps at around ~70-80 fps in a 10-man match for comparison.


Love the water.  Lots of entry points to B (albeit a tad narrow in spots).  Would recommend up'ing the visibility of the bomb site signage and radius.  Good luck!

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Quick feedback:


-Can you remove all knobs on doors that are fake? A simple brush door will do or you can add a metal gate over the door. 




- Can you remove any ladders or move them to a height that doesn't look climbable.





-The water was messed up for me, looked like a cubemap issue or maybe you had 2 water brushes stacked?


- I noticed a split in the floor / stairs here.





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