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wow it's korny. last time i talked to you was before HLR was released...

really nice looking map.. makes me wish mine looked a little nicer. I agree with everyone here saying that it looks like ravenholm. I didn't particularly like Ravenholm in SP, but MP is totally different.

I am somewhat worried though, because as Marcos pointed out, it's pretty dark. If you can't see your opponent it makes it a bit tough to attack. Fantastic atmosphere though. Good luck to you.

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Ok i apologize right from the start.

Because i fail to understand why ppl are so nice all of a sudden.

And that on mapcore of all places.

Also im no mapper and have the most respect for mappers, i have tried once or twice to work in hammer.

And i know im sticking my neck out on this one, but if im completly out of line and whats worse even wrong, then just let me have it.

But to me this map doesn´t LOOK like Ravenholm.

It IS ravenholm.

All you did was to rearrange the furnitur as i see it.

So i fail to see why this map is soo great in any way :(

As i said i might be totally way out of line here, and if so just kill me.

Or maybe every one that replied to this thread are sarcastic???

/me is confuzzled.


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This map is obviously a fake. or simply a (very slightly) modified ravenholm.





See the Similarities? They´re identical. There´s no way anyone can recreate a map that accurately.

My guess would be he got the ravenholm .rmf file from the source leak

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At first look, it looks very very similar. But if you look a tad closer, you can see some subtle differences. For instance, take a gander at the white decal in the middle of the picture. It's placement is a tad off from the original. Also, "fog" sprites are missing etc.

But what do I know.

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