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dm_Island17. Playtesters requested.


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Hello. I haven't posted at mapcore before, but I lurk around, and Xempest suggested I post my map here.

So anyways this is my contest map. Its very close to done, but I need some dedicated playtesters for a big final playtest tomorrow. After that I'm doing a final compile and shipping it off to Valve. If you are interested in playtesting, please let me know. More details on time and server to come soon.

Also, does anyone know how to turn off normalmapping without changing the materials? I want to turn down the ambient light value in the map to increase contrast in the shadows, but if I do that the normalmapping on the rocks looks bad, especially where I have done a lot of intricate displacement work.






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Awesome map Mazemaster. You have definitely preserved your mapping style. That lighthouse does look a bit camp-tastic if the only one way up is one of those open spiral staircases (easy rocket kills) so be careful how much ammo you put up there, or put some spawnpoints there.

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