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how do i create windows and doors through walls in 3ds max???


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Connect the edges of your wall all the way around. Get the door to the size you want.




Delete the faces where you want the door to go.




Use "Bridge" to connect the edges.




Tidy up.



Edit: --Em-- definitely kicked my ass. :( xD

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I personnaly never use booleans, mostly because i hate fix maya's mess.But i remember seeing on Polycount a thread about booleans tips to avoid any wire mess... The point is to make every edge of your geo to meet an other edge of the second geo. At this point its merely the same as doing 2 geo and weld them by hand.

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dude, maybe i have a bad day today, maybe i'm a dick, or i'm just being myself



GOOGLE THE FUCK OUT OF THIS !!!! man this is sooo basic, or download a book or smth, if you cant figure out how to do basics how you want to be working in this industriee where you NEED to be creative ?!

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this is good and thanks but which tools u used for this man????




Extrude tool + scale tool, but instead of offsetting the extruded faces i just scaled them upon the existing faces. There are tons of ways to obtain similar result, beck's is fine too.


Like Knj Says, its very basic. Maybe you should show us what you've done and what you trying to do, so that we can send you the correct google request to find tutorials :P

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Yeah as the guys said, this is super basic stuff and a quick google would have got you an answer.


I don't mind helping since you seem eager to learn but I think what you need to do is focus on one thing at a time. You seem to want to learn everything in one go which probably isn't the best way to go about learning.


For example, you were making a truck but we haven't seen anything of that since you asked about it. You wanted to know about Python scripts, you wanted to know about Google Sketchup. And now you now seem to want to make a scene of some sort.


I think what may be best for you is to focus on one program/project at a time. Learn the basics and set yourself a challenge and you'll learn how to use that program better in the process. If you jump from one project/program to the next without ever finishing anything you'll never really learn anything.

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Doors in 3DS Max,


Command Panel --> Create --> Geometry --> Doors (dropdown).... make door


Windows in 3DS Max,


Command Panel --> Create --> Box --> Convert to Editable Poly --> Edge Mode --> Cut --> Polygon (faces) Mode --> Delete necessary polygon(s)


Honestly though, nothing wrong with using boolean/proboolean so long as you are willing to clean it up.


press F1 (<--- your best friend, even has a built in search function).

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