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dm_resistance and a new user looking for help


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hey guys,

after some weeks of idling trough this board i finally registered my account today to show you my hl2 dm contest entry wich i've finished just yesterday. it seems like the contest board haven't got this much attention yet so i do it like 3dmike :twisted:

i've worked all over xmas to finish this ~6 p blood-remake and it's nearly finished. some bugs and detail less areas left but today i had to send it away to WA. it's already leading to the united states (i'm from germany) but the post officer couldn't ensure that it arrives in time. this really scares me! i tought a express mail leading to the usa will arrive in something like ~2 days :evil:

not to mention that the us customs could check my CD :cry:

so i'm really angry right now and i'm looking for a guy near washington/bellvue who could burn my map to a cd and send it away to valve tomorrow to ensure the arrival in time. this would be great because i worked so hard and i will go crazy if my entry misses the deadline!

if somebody could help me you can left me a mail to info@makinggames.net. this would be absolutely great!

but now i will stop complaining and show you some stuff first! i hope you will like it.

c/c welcome!






PS: a last question: i'm not sure if i may release a beta of this map to the public until valve announces the winner of the contest - may i ?!

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Wow, looks really fucking nice! I hope for your sake it gets there on time, as while I can't comment on the playability, on looks its certainly in with a chance. Best of luck :)

Oh, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but remember that you have to send off a signed entry form as well :( You could always fax it to somebody if they are willing to send on your level though I guess.

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sure =P thats a remake of "bodies" btw.

i can remember that grey-blue rust design, too. i've learned a lot from your q2 articles at that time. thanks a lot :-D

Annoying thing about Blood is, I played the shareware version ages ago when comouters still had a physical DOS.! I only obtained the full game a few months back and it doesn't support XP of course... doh!

If you want to thank the makers of our Q2 tutorials yourself, go sign up! We could do with a few more members, it's very quiet nowadays, it's like an old person's home and we pass round the pipe and slippers :P

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finally i found someone from la who will send my cd to bellvue today. he's a friend of mine and it's great to hear from him again this way. thanks a lot!

i'm wondering wich d3 post you'r talking about @OL. Thats my first post on this board ever and i've never worked on d3 so far. Could be my bad english, too but i think i've understood what you ment the right way? ^^

thanks for your comments! Later this year i will try to make something different from the c17 style with a real concept without having that pressure and of course i gonna do a concept first to avoid some mistakes i did with dm_resistance! :twisted:

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Map looking good, bit depressing looking but i guess its because of hl2's theme. And like ive said in 5 threads now, i hate fences.

Also i think remakes of other ppls work arent allowed especially not retail games, but not 100% sure about this.

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@RD: fences were the best choice to seperate the accessable areas from the background. you cant get behind these fences and there must be something like a visual barricade to let the player know, that he can't get behind this line. there are playerclip brushes to ensure the 'flow' while moving around.

@d3: sorry i tought he ment a different thread coming up with some doom 3 level :roll:

remakes shouldn't be a problem. it's like a old sog mixed up little different and reselled by another song writer for example.

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