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Grasp (indie game)


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I'm not so sure why you have to confirm plane swaps, are you going to add some element for this to become a requirement?

Yeah! Harder levels will have three planes.


This improves the gameplay depth, for example: the player can swap the first and third plane while the middle one stays in place/ swap the first and second while the third one stays in place.


So, not only positioning objects will be important, but also the order of the planes will matter, especially in levels where a form is created by objects from different planes...




I've removed the links on www.anselmo.gd/temp/grasp_playtest/ for now and will update the page with new builds on this wednesday (20/11).


Hopefully you guys can playtest again and check the improvements based on your feedback :)

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The time has come. There's a fresh build to play!


Choose which version you want to play: 
Windows | Mac | Linux | Web
Please, note: there's currently 1 bug that seems to occur when you try to swap planes and your computer is running slow. If that happens, please press "R" to restart the level. If it still occurs, try closing other programs and open Grasp again. Thanks. 
(More here).

Consider this almost finished. I'll probably only implement a couple of animations and call it done. :)



Sure, there could be many other visual effects and juiciness. Sure, this game could be extended. The levels and mechanics presented demonstrate that, and I have many new tricks with me. But unfortunately time never stops, and as some of you know, Grasp is a one-man project and I'm eager to get my hands dirty with new projects. tick, tack. tick, tack.


I've been learning and evolving enormously along this project! As a Game/ Level designer, now I can safely say that my scripting skills enable me to create a whole game (of this scope and complexity, of course). So, scripting scenes, encounters and other behaviours should be fine on my next projects. To create Grasp, I programmed in C# and did visual scripting. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but those are very handy skills for someone who desires to work as GD/ LD, and I'm happy to have more experience with that!


Another thing I'm proud of is to prove that I'm able to manage playtest sessions, listen to feedbacks and iterate the game based on that. Ahh, there's nothing like honest feedback.



So, yeah. I hope you guys play this and provide any last comments.




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I agree with this, but I feel it wasn't the intention to do that, but just to learn how to create a game from beginning to end.

Anyway, eager to see your next piece of work.


Understandably, but I still give the feedback so Al Anselmo-Intelect0 knows what to consider as he starts his next project. My intention was to be as helpful as I possibly could.



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Thank you, guys!
Yeah, my main goal when I started this project months ago was to improve my existing skills and develop new ones, as well as developing a game in its entirety to overcome the challenges that usually exist in the process. Every kind of feedback is valuable, especially on my next projects :)
It's funny how the game improved after I did some final polishing, implemented character animations, changed the main menu, added a soundtrack etc.
A few of the animations of the main character in Grasp.
"Nice to meet you!".
(source: http://www.indiedb.com/games/grasp/images/character-animations)
I'm so proud of what I achieved with this little pet project! What a fun ride it's been. So many things learned! I should release it soon.
When I do, I would be über honoured if you all could play it. I have a gigantic boner respect and admiration for you guys and your craft, and finally I'll be able to put a full game in my portfolio, done all by myself (and many cups of coffee, tea, hazardous-combinations-of-fluids, substances that shall not be named here etc).
I'm happy and I can't wait to publish it and move on to new and different challenges!
Grasp will be published on Desura, for free (and possibly other places too...). I think it's a good idea to release it for free to enable anyone to play it instead of setting whatever price that might scare someone away.
Therefore, my gains with Grasp will be completely intellectual and professional. Money is a consequence from my overall improvement and chance to work in something bigger and better, amirite?
I'll post here when it gets released. Those temporary links are removed.

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I just finished editing, rendering and uploading the official gameplay trailer video of Grasp. I decided to show it to Mapcore first hand:



I'm waiting for a few details before publishing the page to download the game/ buy it (AKA donation-style), where this same video will be available.


Almost giving myself permission to start new projects. :D :D


What do you think?

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As I finish the last details to publish the game and happily conclude this project to start the next ones, I created the boxshot:



So is there some demo or a tryout ? :)
looks interesting

It's a short game, so I've made it completely free! :)
I'm waiting for a couple of details that are ironically "beyond my grasp". Then, I'll publish the game. The idea is to make it playable for free on Desura but enable people to donate any amount of gold money through a widget, if they feel the need. This way everybody will be able to play what I've been creating and possibly support me in a way.

omfg that walk anim is sooo cute !

Ohh that's a great compliment coming from a skilled artist like you! Thank you! :D

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Just to let you guys know that I hit a huge milestone:

Grasp has an official release date!

March 14th it is.


I built a webpage so you can get more info right away and see a fancy countdown timer until the game gets shipped:




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