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Seed9 (character model)


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i really love the last pics u showed us although i dont think the head goes to well with the rest of the fabulous body...i think it shuld b grittier ie. make it bumpy and darker imo..give it a slightly meaner look that suits the rest of the body..but still cute:)...im luvin this...i want to get my teeth into sumthing like this sumtime...inspiring

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Thanks for all feedback,

I'm glad someone caught onto him looking like a wimp as that is a big part of his personality. Which is why the heads round, cute and simple...as for creating the head by merging it into the bark that would of probbaly ending up being more sinister...its also the method thats used for every single tree character I have ever seen, really wanted to try something different.

As for adding antennas etc, I would of loved to do a stalk and one or two leaves from that. There is quite a few things which could be added such as graffiti on the tree or a sign post saying "Keep off the grass" or something. Sadly I'm racing against the clock until May so its unlikey to happen.

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