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Seed9 (character model)


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No idea why but this thread went missing...

Latest character model, Planning on duplicating the tree parts and do some normal mapping with em. 2950 Tri so far. Crit me do.

Thanks for viewing,



here is his shield...normal mapped,very subtle...not really got the hang of it as its my first attempt. Original shield was just under 4000 tri, this one is under 300.


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could probably cut down on the facial polys a bit...

yeah, the forehead uses a couple of unneede polies there.

but I really like all the concepts you have there :)

they have such a cool style. and you did really well on the poly distribution on this model, except from the face, like DanielAragon said.

What looked weird to me, was the nose. Does it really have that many polies or did my eyes just trick me there ? Cause the wireframe looks like there are quite some polygons in there, especially on the front side of it. But I guess my eyes really just tricked me ^^

Overall a great job \o/

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Thought I would post a WIP on the texture job, to allow around a few hours for feedback on it.

I'm having to ditch normal mapping, at least until I get some more help. Will probably use bump map when texture is done. At first I used photos for the bark but it just didn't look right so I hand painted from scratch, I can't help but feel its all a bit cloudy, like it needs to be more defining? It feels like I'm losing alot of the form and shape of the model...

anyway, let us know what you think, thanks


Oh, by the way...here is a close up of the head (before I made the nose 6-sides)...allthough its too late now as you can't really edit your mesh after texturing it, at least thats what I think.


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