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[UDK] Yet another post apoc scene...

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Great work, lots of details, nice palette! But... BUT:

- that orange glow sucks a lot. 1st screen in fine, but the 2nd (looks like light glow) and 3rd (plant glowing?) is a bit bad

- you could use more light to show the main actor, highlight the robot using intense light and darken the building a bit. On the 2nd screen it works well, I see the bounce light on the left that is a bit blue-ish, that's perfect. I wish to see it on 1st screen, a bit more contrasty and with cold rim light. That would be awesome! How about making the same scene in different lighting sets like night, cloudy etc.?


One more thing. I've saved your pictures to desktop to throw them on LD.org ;)

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Thanks for the feedback! 



 How about making the same scene in different lighting sets like night, cloudy etc.?




Now that you mention it, I can't unsee those fucking glows, ahah. The reason they're so prominent and why I didn't spot them in the first place is because I used the tiledshot command and it generated a 4 times the original size image of the scene, therefor the glows are 4 times tighter and I forgot to tweak them for that purpose. I love their color and strenght, I stole the idea from the Uncharted games (1, 2, 3) but they are indeed too tight. I might rerender the scene with production quality, as this is preview but by now I'm really fatigued of looking at it so I'll at least give it a few days, although I gotta say I really love your idea of different lighting scenarios, I was thinking about exactly the same thing last night at bed. 

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The leaves are dominating the scene a little bit imo


Maybe so but, It was intended and I personally like it, in fact I even wanted to put some more around the ceiling but it would require at least another couple asset variations and I wanted to keep the scene to a minimum asset usage. I wanted to achieve something like this:



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Actually with Cache I looked at Last of Us as well, and one thing you will find is that leaves coming from the ceiling aren't typical there. Usually it starts at the ground level and tapers off pretty quickly around the middle. I think you're using drops from the ceiling which just feels so much more intense and doesn't allow the machine to be the star of the show, which is what I think the viewer would naturally prefer. As they say, just my two cents.

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I love it on a purely aesthetic level, the colour and composition is all so beautiful. I like the leaves because they provide a colourful contrast to the brown, although I understand FMPONE's concern about the machine not standing out as much — it's true that the eye is drawn primarily to the leaves upon first look. Maybe something could be done with the lighting and/or textures of the machine to make it more prominent, or perhaps it's as simple as moving the camera a bit.

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It looks absolutely stunning helder! i love it !! if you want to make the machine stand out ( well maybe you wouldn't want to actually ) some ideas taking the first screen as reference :


- change the color palette of the machine slightly, because it has the same blue/brown orangish you have on the wall behind it


- change the silouhette of it, maybe make it stand out vertically in the scene, like adding antennas on the back for example


or in the texture add stripes / numbers / text   well, any shapes you won't find in the background


- or the lighting, but that would be a shame it's awesome as it is :)




Are the dust particles post processing in UDK or did you made that in photoshop afterwards ? that looks good :)


& i agree with the orange glows

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Cool feedback, very direct, I like it boyz!!! Thanks a lot!


I am really tired of this scene by now, but those are actually some really compelling points, I might fix it real quick and repost the shots! That's preview render settings anyway, so maybe the lighting will look even better.


@Koko: I opened Jordan Walker BathHouse scene to learn how he achieved the great screenspace effects he has going on there, and pretty much used the same technique. A highly tweaked Lensflare entity on top of the bright spots of the scene.

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