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What have you cooked recently


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Amazing, dude! Looks really tasty.


My girlfriend is a bit of a master baker so I should post up some of the things she cooks in here! She can't eat gluten/dairy so she has to be quite imaginative with the recipes. Xantham gum is one of the things she has to use to make cakes rise... Sounds like some kind of alien plant extract.


Thanks man! :)

Yeah it tasted very fine, even though I was hoping the coffee+rum I put on the sponge would be tasted, but I couldn't even smell it. (Probably I was afraid to wet the sponge too much.)


Just read a little about the Xantham and yeah, really sounds like stuff from another planet :D being food intolerant is a bitch, but it's nice when you are able to find replacements.

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I put ground grass fed beef in the oven for 15 minutes until its slightly cooked. Put sea salt on it. Eat.


I took a stick of kerry gold butter and ate parts of it. 


I put two sweet potatoes in the oven and baked for an hour. Eat, all of it including the skin.


I took some dark chocolate out of the freezer and Eat.


I put some fat oil in water and drank. Drank.


I opened two avocados and put sea salt on them. Eat.



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Nutella pudding, which actually has no Nutella in it:


it's the easiest thing to prepare ever, it takes longer to clean the food processor than the rest.

And it's actually a vegan receipe: http://gi365.info/food/nutella-pudding/ but i couldn't find coconut milk so I used (double?) cream and also did put a little milk in the food processor.

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if i want to gain some muscles i need to eat this much, at this point i'm hiting gym 4x times a week, and i hope i can go back training mma again starting january :) i'm trying to be as active as i can.
I could write the whole article here on how you can speed up your metabolism by eating as much as you can, but there is loads of info about dieting up and down that ppl even dont belive me haha :D
anyways i could post my foto here how i looked during summer but that would be gay as fuck soo you need to beleve me that i'm burning that no problem :D

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Are you an already big guy knj? 4500 is pretty excessive. Or have you been reading what Hugh Jackman did for his Wolverine part? :v  I've been doing weights and nutrition for the past 3 years so I'd like to think I have some knowledge on the subject.


I quite like intermittent fasting personally and having good macros that allow you to live your life and not be restricted by what you have to eat all the time.

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Me big, no man :( atm i weight 76 kg and i'm 170 cm, my goal is 80kg to december and then start dieting down again.

I was on 4 000 kcal's with about 10% BF, 4500 will be my first but i want to try this out, if i gain too much fat i will cut down kcal's. I have very fast metabolism and there so i need to eat a lot :)
as for IF - i love the concept but i wouldn't be able to eat as much as i do with only two eating windows a day, thats why i eat about 6-5 times a day, cause i like to eat smaller meals but more often.

thats great, that some ppl here actually lift and are dieting ! i run my FB page with my friends we have about 26 000 fans, but its mostly in polish, but it you have any questions about nutrition or training (martial arts or fitness relates stuff, hit me)

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