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What have you cooked recently

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Dude, wtf! Are you sure you wanna keep your job in the games industry? Because your dishes always look amazing.




My not-fancy-but-still-tasty spaghetti:



My mom always wanted me to go to cooking school. She didn't want me to get into computers heh. Kind of funny. 

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oh wait guys, the Italian police has appeared! (jk)


I got lazy with the sauce and had it "premade", that's why it doesn't look good :P But the spaghetti was al dente...

I prefer more solid sauces too, prepared with real tomatos and all that. A lot better!


Thanks for the tip about the pan! I'll use that next time :)

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Prepared the "dirt cheescake" dessert for my 1 year in Britain, friday. Looks quite like the stuff on Pinterest, unfortunately couldn't find jelly worms and we had to go for snakes and Freddo frogs (which i was expecting to be 3D).


anyway, put so much whipped cream in the mix that it was soft almost as a mousse, everybody enjoyed a lot even though I didn't use digestives for the base (which ended up to be crumbly and messy) and the Oreos on top got moist because it stayed too long in the fridge.

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