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What have you cooked recently


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What's your height, weight and measurements?


Havn't seen that edit :)

170cm, 78kg and I don't know my measurements exactly so hmm i can give you aprox stuff

arm 40, ches 120, stomach 84, thigh 57

as for different body thats true - everyone is different but man, girls eat more than you do, i assume you are working out ?




You're 8cm shorter than me and 9kg heavier :v Mind you, I used to weigh 90kg at my biggest. (46 inch chest, 15 inch arms 36 inch waist) I got tired of being big and food costing too much :P I'm now a 36 inch chest, 14 inch arms and 30 inch waist @ 69kg 11% body fat.


I eat a low carb, high protein, moderate fat diet (chicken, nuts, fish, lean beef, greek yogurt, eggs, grapefruit an all that good jazz) workout 3 days a week with cardio 2 days. I haven't looked as good as I do now in forever. So it definitely works for me compared to my other higher calories diets. I could probably increase my caloric intake whilst keeping my macros in check but good quality food is just too fucking expensive. :v


And thanks for the fucking tip Belgium, I'll give it a shot!

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Also fuck broccoli. I know it's amazing but I fucking hate the sutff. Blerghghghghg.

Get out.

I love broccoli, and Bruxelles sprouts. With the latter though, I tried making a soup after Xmas and it tasted like dishwash water and had some… rumbling effects :/

I'm about the same as you dux! ~177-8cm x 73-75kg. I only know chest cos I ordered a waistcoat recently, ~91-94cm(?) (took the measurement with skipping rope and then with the side of a Leatherman multi-tool xD).

How do you measure body fat, only in a gym?

I was ~71kg before moving to uk, but I just built some mass, here I eat meat and do physical work. I miss cardio training opportunities unfortunately.

I do as we'll never felt better, though I'd like to reduce body fat more. I've started a resolution of not eating cake in the evening anymore. Hopefully more than that.

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How do you measure body fat, only in a gym?

gimme a photo i will tell ya - lol there are ways you can do it, but are not the best

lol, you mean a selfie?

Saturday i've done the assessment in the gym, i have some data, except the body fat, which they don't take in the assessment because it is for checking the health and avoid new members to collapse on the treadmill, but they said they could measure it eventually.

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awww yiss


what's in the hamburger sauce?


The picture is from the web, I just used them to illustrate what I had cooked recently. But here´s the recipe on the sauce I made!

5 slices of finely chopped pickled cucumber (pickled)

1 tablespoon of Heinz tomato ketchup

1 tbsp french mustard (American mustard) Swedish mustard gives the wrong flavor.

1/4 tablespoon garlic powder

1/4 tablespoon paprika

1 Pinch of cayenne pepper

1 & 1/2 cup Mayonnaise (home made)

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Electric current is probably the most accurate way of measuring body fat.



How does that work? 



Fat conductivity, you get an instrument with the same metal padded electric current detectors as on most fitness machines. It measures your body composition/fat.



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