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What have you cooked recently

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I'm not involved in this dish but my family lives on a small island and we have a friend there with 3 smokers. He gave me some bacon that he made himself in the smokers.聽

My partner then made ramen noddles using the bacon and some noodles & seaweed she got from Japan. It was phenomenal.聽


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Haven't posted in this in ages!

With the recent heat in UK I experimented with smoothies. My very first one was apple, mango, lime and basil. Can't fit the pic but was an awesome green.

Our go to solution was a mix of mango, pineapple and berries; juice of one lemon or grapefruit or orange, ice. In the evening we also mixed cherry vodka from Poland.


This mix was at breakfast tho, so no alcohol 馃榾 was apple, lime, berries, basil; I also discovered you can use yogurt to make scrambled eggs instead of milk, and they got very fluffy!



This other one is just poached eggs and instead of bacon Parma ham sprinkled with parmesan聽


I've also been making my own Yorkshire puddings, used this leftover with cheese stuffed chicken breasts


This were savory crepes with parma ham and asparagus, with some cheese sauce I wipped up


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