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[CS:GO] func_precipitation (snow)

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Hi there,


I'm adding snow to a map I'm currently working on, and I'm getting fed up with the fact that even when there is no func_precipitation in my structures -only outside of them- it's still snowing inside. That leads to having snowfall inside caves on my map, which doesn't make sense. I've tried keeping the func_precipitation a good few units away from the outer walls of the structures and I've tried using the func_precipitation_blocker, which doesn't seem to work in any case oddly enough.


Any suggestions on how to make it snow outside, but not inside? The brushes that make up the func_precipitation are not intersecting with any of the structures walls.


Edit; found it in the Valve Wiki under https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Precipitation_issues


Sometimes, when a func_precipitation is next to a thin enough wall, the rain or snow will fall through the wall and into your building.
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