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Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG

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Abs is all diet. Don't eat shit. Examine your caloric intake and macros.

Ye thought so. How do you keep track of calories? Never done such thing. I know there are apps but always been too lazy to try.


Also up to July I was also doing much more work on my own at the workplace, we are most staffed and I got a promotion so I'm doing a quite less now.

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Dux is right, I hate when ppl say "I eat so little during day that It's fucking impossible that I'm still fat" <----- :v


Had to try several protein/carbs/creatin bars :v

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@Chainsaw: returning to the gym after a period of lazyness I am pretty sure that the rowing machine is bad for my heel.

I do agree with the shoes, I'm that type of person as well... point is a doctor told me to stop running completely (before that I used to run 10K or more x3 times the week + basketball training with my team).

Yeah with the breaststroke I always felt a "click" in the knee... but I minimize the push there, and mainly do freestyle.

I use myfitnmesspal to track what I eat. I highly recommend it! If you're serious about getting into shape then you need to track what you eat :)

I would like an indicative diet more than anything. I mean, as my Steam aka says, I'm a cake glutton and if I just cut that I know I can quickly go back to last summer which was my happy spot.

Since I have my girlfriend I feel lazier, my days off are spent with her instead of cooking nice healthy things and spending 3hrs in the gym. It's not her fault, she's active and at the same time I think I got bored of my routine. I should try a class, afterall they are paid for. Or manage to get a plan from a trainer, it's just very difficult with shifting days off to be able to take an appointment with them, they have busy schedules and even if we are entitled to a plan every 2 months, you can imagine they are more prompt with customers who pay for their time.

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120 x 4 (bench press) for the last set, starting to getting there slowly


Is that pounds (lbs) or kilograms (kg)?


I'm hoping it's kg, lol :P


edit: I weigh 115, so you can bench me! haha

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