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Going to the gym is like a korean MMORPG


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- You see this endgame stuff: its shiny and you want it.

- Endless grinding.

- You can only see results after months of effort and hard work.

- After the initial areas and few levels. Progression drops like hell.


The only thing that keeps you playing a corean MMORPG are your friends. They keep you coming back because you want to hang out with them. They encourage you and make the grinding feel less strenuous.


I started going to the gym after reading about  It's been 3 weeks now and I haven't missed a day. I feel better and stronger, and just yesterday I left the "tutorial" and my trainer assigned me a 5 day workout with different exercises for every day of the week, aimed at building up a base of muscular mass and reinforcing my lower back and shoulders (you know, for working in front of a PC all day).


So, let's share them gym/jogging/healthcare stories and keep each other on track and motivated? Am I still going to be on the gym next month? What about you?

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Haha, yeah I signed up for a fancy gym right after that Ryan Davies shit (My name is Ryan so it's even more likely I'm going to die!!!!!). Unfortunately I then realised I had no suitable gym equipment or money left for buying it until I just got paid, so I should be going for my induction and first session tomorrow. :-D

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I signed up to a new gym recently which was cheaper than my old gym. I try to go 3 times a week at least but I find myself not enjoying it there as much as I did at my last place. Full of guys who only care about body building and girls who aren't that hot to look at. Nobody really talks to each other and it's bloody crowded and the music is shit.


Last gym was full of nice people who talked to you and even the body builder types were nice! Might just take the hit on the wallet and pay a bit more for better service and facilities. Also, the girls were way hotter at the expensive place! 


Ideally I'd like to lose around 6kg? It's a bloody slow process at the moment. >_<

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You shouldn't think of it as losing 6 kg when working out, because that way it'll never work for motivation. Think about it in terms of losing fat percentage. Muscles weigh more than fat, but they also consume more energy than stored fat does, so it doesn't really matter. Also if you want to lose fat, here's a golden rule: eat less calories than what your body consumes each day.

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I do morning and evening sit-ups and crunches.


And when it is not too busy, chin-ups every hour at work.


Just got the gym membership of my colleague to go swim and do some weights when I have the time. It is just in the underground of my building, so no excuses to not go.


Next to that, I walk to everywhere. Trying not to take metro or bus.


And when my mind is full with bullshit, I tend to do some yoga stretching and balance exercises.


And lots of water drinking, fruit eating and vegatables.


The result is lots more energy and focus.

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I went to the gym during two "seasons", which were like 6-8 months each. The result was great, but it was insanely boring to be around dumb people who only cared about taking anabolics and other stuff to get huge.


Most of the times, the music was really shit, leaving me the only option of taking my iPod with me. This way I would somewhat avoid social interaction (which sometimes is good), but at least I would listen to my own music and get more energized.


Well, this is what happened on the second and last gym I went. People there weren't that stupid, the music was less bad but... on one of the days I took my iPod with me and stored it in the gym's locker, after my training I noticed that I got fucking stolen!


That's right. Some fucker got into the men's changing room (really easy to do if you are a man/ work there/ is a fucking stealer) and not only unlocked my locker to steal my iPod, but also had the brilliant idea of locking it back after committing the crime. I told the personal trainer and he was surprised. I returned to the changing room and decided to see if the locker's key I was using that day would, for some reason, open other lockers around. Plot twist: it opened at least 3 more.

This was just after I had finished the training and was happy because I was about to get a heavier training routine. 


It was in the end of my gym subscription, and having being stolen and the manager not giving a fuck about that, I decided to quit.



In other news:

I've always been curious about Krav Maga and wanted to try that. After Thrik recommending it on another thread, I decided to look it up and see if there was some place nearby where I could practice that. There is! :D I plan to go there and see how it tuns out. I've been way sedentary recently.

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I work out since I don't want to become a cripple at the age of 30. I mostly do bodyweights with a focus on core muscles and functional strength. Besides, I hate gyms and they are way too expensive for me (cheapest is like 8 cans of beer a month, while Crossfit and Kettlebell gyms which I find attractive are about 32 cans!!), I'd rather workout outdoors at my local ghetto gym which is free and has all the needed monkeybars and stuff. Hell, even a few hangups and pushups each day is better than nothing.


In addition to that, I do a lot of jogging with my bulletproof vest for additional weight (~7kg). Probably between 7-10km with a pace of 6-8min/km with a climb of ~180m. Jogging is boring as fuck. I did run a lot before school during a period, but I realized that waking up and hour early made me get too little sleep over the week, and made me sleep all weekend. Now I do it during evenings instead.


My rules to keep working out are pretty simple, no working out on weekends, and absolutely no workouts when hung over (even on weekdays). And if there is something more fun to do than working out, then do that instead.

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It's great to hear so many of you are taking care of your health, each on his own way. I never really did anything and your stories motivatye me even further!


FMPONE, I'm quite enjoying it, and it's just down the block from where I work and takes me just an hour and a half with the exercises and shower/changing clothes, so I'll try to keep it up. I'll try to make it 4 out of 5 days whenever I have something better to do like go out with friends or something.

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