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After releasing cs_compound_gc I wasn't really happy with the graphics. So I decided to update the GC edition but after a while I realized that so much was changed that it would be better to release it as a brand new map. So here it is cs_compound.


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Feedback is always welcome.






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It's been a while since i played the CSS version, but this versions looks like the map i remember :) . Love the lighting and texturing outside. 


Some things i noticed:





I could jump on some kind of ridge or these pallets, outside CT spawn. However, I could not jump on them, even though it really looked like I should be able to jump on there. Since this looks like a quick route from CT spawn, you could perhaps change it so that it is jumpable, or change it so that it doesn't look like you can jump on it (add heigth or something).




In this "silo/tower" building, I could hear an soundscape that sounded like some gas or steam exhausting or flowing, even there are no pipes to be seen. It sounded like it was coming from thin air, which felt weird. You can try changing the soundscape, or adding some fitting prop (steampipes, etc.)




These windows at CT spawn have weird greyish edges. They all have it, even though the windows themselves don't really show anything that might explain it. Am I missing something here? Not sure how you can fix this.




This little hill leading to the ledge looks like an appealing side route, but the ledge is in accessible. You can consider moving the fence closer to the hill, so it is more obvious that the ledge is not accessible.


There is also a weirdly stretched texture there on the ledge: http://i.imgur.com/tXayEFAh.jpg , which you should be able to fix with the face texture tools.

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Some feedback from the playtest: I think the addition of the tunnels and the outside route make the map a bit more boring than it should be, at least on smaller servers. In the playtest, when I was CT i could easily just go right in the tunnel and not encounter anyone,except maybe at the hostage hut. Its been a while since I played the CSS version, but I think a large part of the appeal of Compound was that you had to some how storm/sneak into the main building.

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Yes. I actually never played it with a small amount of players. Problem with the original was that it was way unbalanced for CT. Few skilled snipers in the windows made it pretty much impossible to come even close to the compound, let alone save the hostages. So I added those 2 extra routes to give the CT more of a chance to actually capture hostages. However it seems like it's a bit to much land to cover now. So I'm considering to remove the outside route and keep the tunnels.

Thanks for the feedback.

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