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failed Uni application :/

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IMO the most important thing is to make good use of your time. A lot of people let years go by in their late teens and early twenties without really moving forward. I personally thought college was a good experience because I got to dip my toes into numerous disciplines and more importantly it developed me socially and helped me to become a functional, productive adult. But at the same time, I actually think that most of the skills I use in my successful career now I developed during my free time outside of college classes.

To put it another way, being in education gave me something to do for a few years while I worked on endless personal projects and taught myself everything I wanted to learn. Some of what I learnt at college fed into my long-term goals, some didn't. At the very least, having some kind of education looks better on a resume than none, and I had some great experiences that're nothing to do with work, met some great people.

So I wouldn't get too beat up over not getting onto the course you want. Getting onto an alternative course or going elsewhere isn't the end of the world, nor is taking on a shitty job in the meantime and spending a lot of your spare time working on your skills. Just do something — give yourself actual projects to work on, just like you would at Uni. Whether you release them or not can depend on the end quality, but keep doing so in mind. :)

As long as your heart is in the right place you'll succeed. Many people who go to Uni don't have that true heart and passion for making games, so it doesn't help them much professionally. The dudes that succeed would probably have done so anyway, but they'd also have probably gone bankrupt and ended up homeless if they didn't do either education or low-grade work to keep things ticking while they got themselves to the right level. :D


If I had a big enough belly, I would tattoo this post on it. maybe I should start drinking beer.

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Gratz man that's a nice improvement!

If you're serious about ever going back I think there's a time limit of a couple of years, might have to google a bit how Belgian Uni's handle a hiatus?

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