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HotLine Miami II

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Gotta say that after I've finished it then I'm kinda disappointed by it. It started out quite well, but I think some of the points people have brought up here are spot on.


The levels are too big, which discourages storming around being a badass and often makes it necessary to play it extremely safe and snipe people with guns from far away. The first one had that in parts, but it felt like it was way easier to make it feel like an awesome action movie where you just went through one continuous combo rather than having to stop up (or maybe I've just gotten worse at games since the last one, lels). Also I think my longest time in a level was at 40 minutes, and though I totally totally love the soundtrack, then at that point you start getting pretty tired of the same track running over and over.


I appreciate that they're trying to mix things up with the dudes you have to shoot to bleed out + the dudes that need to be taken out with melee weapons, but again then it just made it less fun rather than add an interesting element to the combat. It often felt more like a puzzle than an awesome action game, which might be fine for some people, but IMO then the first game was better for not trying too hard, even if that definitely also had situations that you had to diffuse with a puzzle like mentality.


Oh and then there's the story, where I have no idea what it's about, but maybe that's the point. Didn't really piece together all the different characters and threads by the end :G


The soundtrack and presentation of the game is absolutely brilliant tho, and it is great gameplay from time to time, but overall it just soured significantly throughout my play through :(

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completed at the weekend- Overall I don't think it's nearly as good as the original- It seems that the developers were trying to add to the original to justify a sequel but every new mechanic detracts from the original gameplay. The soundtrack is sweet though.

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