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I was thinking of a way to contribute to the community since I don't really do a lot of that often, I came up with the idea of hosting some kind of chat via Skype where we can all meet to talk about all things Mapcore. Whether it's a conversion on the pros and cons of Rick's proposed rating system, whether or not MW2 will turn out to be the most violent game ever or just sharing stories of just how badass and awesome Uncharted 2 is, I'm thinking it would be quite cool to actually talk about that kinda stuff for real. It could be a monthly or fortnightly event or something along those lines, upto others really.

I've personally known some of you over here for quite some time, but never really spoken to you properly, I know some of you met each other at the Mapcon that was held a couple of years ago (I think?) but I couldn't make that and the turn out was reportedly low due to many all living oceans away from one another. There's IRC of course, but it's pretty mindless at the best of times and doesn't allow such a good conversation flow as talking for real.

So what do you guys think? Yay or Gay?

We can always use Ventrillo as oppose to Skype if people prefer it.

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I've always liked the idea of voice chat (with my accent and all). We should have a weekend voice-conversation thingie. Set a time and connect to a Teamspeak server. I say YAY. How about this wee

Are gogle hangouts webcam mandatory? I dont want everyone to see me when my makeup isn't on or when I'm utlizing my giant fap roll.

we have a steam group lolz

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Skype has the overall best voice quality, but the trouble with Skype is that you really can't have more than 8-10 people in a call before things get foggy. Plus the burden's on the host to invite people into the call, whereas with vent or teamspeak you can come and go as you please.

Skype get the best results, but i think it wouldn't work for a community as big as the core (for the above reasons), unless you just had a general chat that somebody managed invites to, which then just spawned smaller separate calls from there at people's will. Personally I prefer vent over teamspeak, but that's just me.

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The point of this discussion is using voice chat to communicate and not which voice comm software we use. I'm fine with anything to be honest. Each one takes under a minute to install. I'm sure we each afford to spend that much time. Also, we don't have to limit this thing to once a month or once a week. Those who are fine with voice chat everyday can do so. We need to start somewhere... So what's it going to be? TS, Ventrillo or Skype? If we get this running, I don't mind connect today evening itself...

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If I'm not mistaken, you need a server host to connect to when using Ventrilo or TeamSpeak. They usually come with a gaming server rental.

If somebody owns such a server and doesn't use it, it could be used like a IRC channel, where people can simply connect to check who's online and chat.

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