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WIP DM_c17canals_b3


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hello all, my first post here woot, any how i have been working on this map

based from the canals(not intierly).i have been workin on this projct

for sometime now(1 month) and im hopin to finish it for the contest.

my maps based on alot of physics traps so ull to b on the look out

for possible map hazards.

heres some pics enjoy.

rebel hideout


physics trap


portable foot ladder:rebels use to acces hidden areas.






combine strong-hold


upper free-way acces


free-way strong-hold with physics trap!


tunnel2 exit


inside tunnel 2


secret cave entrance


secret cave


caves contuined


toxic waste disposal area


and finally toxic hole


as u can see im almost finished, just finishing some areas and trying to

make this map team based. opinions and comments are appreciated.

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I think it looks great.

It looks fitting for a team play based map.

Since i haven´t tryied it i dont know if i could get cought in some places, it looks a bit cramped here and there though.

But thats no hinder as long as i dont get stuck.

The grass looks wired on some pics.

Now im no mapper so maybe its just a tech thing and it doesnt look like that ingame.

Any way gj on working on it for 1 month, i always have respect for ppl that put effort into their work.

No matter the outcome.


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I dunno what to think about this one. It looks pretty well build, but its messy, looks kinda cramped (dunno if it actually is) and not very appealing atmosphere. The best pic i think is the blue one with the dark pipe in the middle, and then the rest under that one. There i can see some kinda symmetry or aesthetics or a style, which isnt in any other shots!!!

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I like it, even though it is pretty messily done. I know you tried to make it a messy map, but there are ways you shouldve done things that you didn't.


Take that dirt / cattails out. I dont think there is dirt in sewers, much less cattails growing in the dirt in the sewers.

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well thx everybody for feedbak, i see alot of u noticed some of my unfinished work.heh

as far as i no its not that cramped the only tight sopts r the tunnels, which

r meant to b small due to the rebel breach,in the pic3 u speak about

von*ferret is a rebel tool(portable foot lader) its used for rebels to access

hidden areas, access to the caves faster,just access.

tdm_c17canals is team based and will have objectives.on a pluse note

i finally got the teAM SPAWNS workin so its comin along great.all i need is now is the objective and some minor brush work.

well i leave with a pic: flamin tires!


love those damn tires of fires!

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Lighting outside is nice, but please do something about the junk lying around. It's not that it looks messy (it's junk, right?), it's that it harasses my eyes. I can't concentrate on playing because there's too much crap distracting me.

Inside - kill the dark spots. Put some lighting overhead - anything. Maybe drains from the surface leading into the sewage pipes?

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