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I think I'm just annoyed at EA's insistence on having their games exclusive to the own platform. It's never bothered me before - I think I figured that I can do without EA games, but it's just a shitty way of neglecting your potential customers by limiting their options. I'll probably still get the game for PS4, at least there's no Origin there... yet. Who knows, by 2016 everything is possible.

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​Jesus what the fuck did they do to her? For some reason I get the vibe that she doesn't look like a very slim and feminine parkour master anymore but more like a fat feminist on the run :D. This one is better and closer to the original, they should have stuck with this..


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Yeah I'm not sure what you mean by fat because she looks pretty damn toned to me, and I don't see what her appearance has to do with her views on gender — but she definitely seems more Caucasian compared to her previous depictions.

Considering the current climate in the industry surrounding diversity and such, it's a very curious change to make. Of course, maybe it's just the artwork. Remember when everyone was saying Far Cry 4 was racist because they thought the box art depicted a white man? (It didn't.)

Anyway, whatever. The game still seems like it'll be hot. :D

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      It took about 8 months to complete and was a great learning experience for me. 



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