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Blizzard "resetting" Titan...

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Sad.  But this is the right thing to do.  The market for MMO is not the same...and unless Blizzard can come up with something truly amazing in the category then there is no realistic chance of a subscription MMO doing anything close to what WoW has done.  The market has been burning out on sub based MMO for a long time and the F2P MMO business is getting very tough after being tough for a while.


Beyond Diablo and SC, Blizzard has Hearthstone which is definitely making good revenues and good profits.  And it has Heroes of the Storm.  I know, I know...MOBA is on its way to saturating or else already has saturated and everyone seems to be getting into it.  LoL and DOTA 2 are the clear market leaders and if anyone can become a 3rd major player in MOBA it's Blizzard.  Quick, name another dev/pub that could likely jump into the MOBA market better than Blizzard? [silence]

A Warcraft themed MOBA is an extension of the WoW PvP arena anyway (with some level of RTS thrown in).  That's basically how one could roughly describe LoL and DOTA.  (Yeah...WoW arena does not equal a LoL style MOBA...yeah...heard that argument from nitpickers. kthxbai.)


Also, "in dev for 7 6 years" does not mean full scale production for 7 6 years. How much of that was pre-prod with a small team? I don't know.  But to finish something, launch it and all the live ops might cost another $100 million plus tens of millions per month?


Basically Blizzard execs have to go to the Activision-Blizzard board and justify how they will make that a viable business and between all of them the writing on the wall probably became pretty clear.  Still I'm sure this decision was long analyzed, probably caused tremendous internal 'discussion' and overall was not easy despite being the only realistic option.


tl;dr version:

Blizzard has a high fun/quality bar to reach...and has to make money. Titan just wouldn't have done it. Glad no one lost their jobs as of now.

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I think Destiny factored heavily into this decision, but also the fact that blizzard was kind of trying out new territory here and trying to create something new. And surprise, that costs a lot of money if you dont prototype heavily first with a small team until you know what you want.


Just speculation of course.


If I were to guess, then most of the people on titan is now working on Heroes of the Storm.. Because that game is standard Blizzard practice. You take what is already out there (Hon, Lol & Dota) and improve on it with the blizzard oomph!

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