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Escape 2085


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Hey there Jason, thanks so much, man!

Pampers, totally see where you coming from man. Started out there myself. But the bottom line was that that kind of editing wouldn't allow for some of the nicest shots we had. In carousel they are dealing with very confined spaces where you can just turn around the corner or go up and have a quick progression, but in our case we wanted to have some massive monumental architecture and ability to produce it modularly. hence 2 big open spaces.

Also it's unapparent at first but a lot of their sense of progression comes from sounds - sound effects for explosions, screams, breaking glass, bleeps and their music is fairly ambient - not something I had the time to produce. I must've listened to a bazilion tracks settling on the final just a day before the contest deadline and before I got to editing. And the editing sorta drove itself. When you have intense music and mellow single camera pan it just doesn't jive to well. I tried doing some jump cuts at some places it worked nice. There was definitely no plan at first to do a lot of them. But some testing showed that after inital few cuts people were expecting them further. A consistency sort of thing that I decided to go with. Turned out to be really love it or hate it kind of thing but I'm glad I've got to experiment and at least make sure that audio and video work with each other. And considering that I had about 12 hours to recompose the audio as well as edit the video, pulling the second all-nighter in a row I'm in now way claiming that this is perfect myself. But I'm glad some people actually got to enjoy it. Thanks for your feedback, though. It's greatly appreciated, Anders.

Chimeray, thanks for the kind words man :) Yeah it...definitely..is...not... Although my reply to Pampers could probably shed some more light on why it came to be. I'm glad you liked the rest, though!


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Pretty cool stuff! Two comments I might add are the desaturation of the inmate's suits in combination with the lighting makes it hard to tell who is who in a few of the shots. In many of the shots they all appear blue, but in shots with orange lighting from fire, they all appear orange. Also I don't understand the shot of the inmate holding the guard over the edge.. did he lift him over the railing? On closer inspection he seems to be clipping through it.. In any case I don't think these issues detract from what seems like a cool and fun project. I'll talk to Madison about it next time I see him :)

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This is really awesome. Great work. I'd have to agree about the excessive camera cuts though, was hard to focus on some of the really nice detail sometimes. Continuous pans would make that a lot easier.

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[HP], thanks buddy! I already got my prize: good friends, good work and a chance to try something new :) If people like it though I'm more then humbled.

Thanks knj!

You're totally right Algor. The inmates were made to be wet, so they pick up a lot of the environment with reflections.

Regarding the second point 97% of the poses were made to be as generic as possible and then I just placed them around :) So yeah, he might've lifted the guy over the railing, or maybe they cornered him and he climbed over himself before the inmate grabbed him. It's possible but definitely not the most common scenario. I guess it's the price you have to pay for having "modular" character poses.

Jord, thanks a lot, man. Yeah I'll definitely have to take all that feedback into account for the next time. :)


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I must say everything I see in the scene is so damn awesome (models, texturing, lighting, meshing, characters expressions, etc etc etc) !


Putting all that together in such a small amount of time is simply astonishing :D


I love the music too, it fits very well the theme.


Only thing I like less is the camera cuts but it's minor anyway.


Superb work & none the less :)

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Hey there Steve! Thank you very much for your kind words :)

Yeah editing is something I really wish I had more time for. I basically had to rearrange the music and do a final cut in about 6-8 hours for the second all-nighter in a row.

Next time hopefully we'll be able to manage our time better. 


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