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De_cache WIP (new version)

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I found some minor issues on Cache:


-There is one CT spawn where the player gets stuck a bit in movement. Not that big of a deal, but still there. Maybe you want to elevate this spawn a bit.

2014-08-02_000127qo0j.jpg 2014-08-02_00002hzrk6.jpg


-There is a huge wallbang from B site to CT side possible. Is this intended or not? (In both directions)

2014-08-02_00007iujw1.jpg 2014-08-02_0000609kxz.jpg


-There is a one way wallbang on mid through wall+box possible.

2014-08-02_000082uknl.jpg 2014-08-02_000096njrm.jpg


€: /r/ shows, that another one way wallbang is still possible:


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