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Alpha 6 released!


- Redesigned bombsite A

- Redesigned short A and overpass

- Extended underpass and added more cover

- Adjusted props along Long A

- Widened T entrance to B

- Added second cover box on B highground

- Moved both spawns back (Encounter points still the same)

- Randomised player spawns

- Many minor changes and fixes

After a lot of play testing, the most common issue people had with the map was bombsite A. It needed to be reworked. The pit was too awkward to play in and around so... it's gone!

Took me two weeks because bombsite A had to be completely rebuilt, along with the major changes to short A and the overpass/underpass area.

New bombsite A:


Outside new A (Long Side):


Outside new A (CT side):


New Underpass:


New Overpass:




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My first thought when I saw the first screen was: Dust2 Bombsite B! It has a lot of similarities, but that's not necessarily a bad thing of course :)

Looks good from the screens, perhaps it may be a bit too hard to defend, but that's just speculation. Playtesting should point that out.

Is this update up on the workshop?

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Yep, it's updated on the workshop.

It does share a little similarity with Dust 2 bombsite B in that the entrances are similar (one gap in wall, one front, one side), however the internal layout is very different. Also the entrance sides are reversed compared to dust 2, with CT having the side entrance instead of the Ts.

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I'll check it out whenever my PC decides to not be broken again (that is, whenever I can figure out what caused my PSU to die :().

Keep it up!

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I finally released alpha 8 onto the workshop.

Alpha 8

- Opened up back of B and extended the high ground.

- Adjusted bombsite cover in B

- Simplifed short A stairs and added cover

- Minor fixes

I had some feedback telling me bombsite B had a few issues. Most importantly Ts had a hard time getting into the site, CTs could too easily cover the entrance from many angles. Also the site felt very tight/cramped in general.

This update hopefully addresses this. It's now more open and Ts have more options after entering the site. There's more cover and they can stay on the high ground longer until it's safe to drop down. It's also harder for CTs to cover the T entrance from the low ground now so Ts should have an easier time taking B.



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I played this in today's test, and my opinion was mixed. Bombsite A was pretty much a carbon copy of Dust II B, which was lame. I liked bombsite B though. The area between T spawn and B was fun, as was attacking B through mid. However, going between the bombsites was confusing and the double doors on the approach to A were really sniper-friendly and frustrating if the CTs rushed it. I think the biggest problem is that the areas are kind of convoluted and annoying to navigate. You've got a lot of weird angles and complex networks of stairs that are really hard to navigate in combat. Someone said it felt like you made things convoluted to over-aggressively cut sightlines, and I think I agree with them.


Lots of promise though, keep working on it.

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While the general theme might feel a bit too much like dust/dust2 to me, the gameplay and lighting are different enough to appeal for me :) . I like the overpass/ramp area mid.




The left route from T spawn to B annoyed me a bit, since it involves doubling back over those ramps. You have to run quite a bit to get there, then you go on the ramp, basically run back, then do a 180 and run to B. This might be due to timing/balance, but maybe there is a better way to achieve that. Also, that opening to mid (seen on the right of the above image) is a bit to subtle, especially compared to that left ramp to B. On the one hand having a very noticeable and a less noticeable route is not a bad thing, but if you want you can draw more attention by adding props, signs, and/or lights.

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Hey, thanks to everyone who gave lots of great feedback in this thread.


I've just posted the beta in a new thread over in releases section so I guess we can continue there if you have any more comments.


Change log:

Beta 1

- Reworked outside B T-side
- Removed one cover spot from A site
- Added 3D skybox
- Improved visuals in many places
- Improved player readability in a few key spots
- Raised skybox over entire map
- Improved player clipping
- Many minor fixes/changes

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