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Shadow Warrior is back!

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This thread is old but I may as well use it for the sake that my post won't be worth a new thread.

Shadow Warrior two, it's out on thursday.


I've quite literally heard nothing about the sequel since june 2015 when we posted here last time so the marketing is non existent I guess. But the previous game was good so lets hope this new one holds up (and works), would be a nice thing to have in this year of games.

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I played this game in solo and coop and I must say it's pretty fun.

It's more of an Action RPG now, with loots, weapons upgrades, elemental damages, procedural maps/bosses with elemental resists, limited free-roam, etc. You can double jump and dash in mid-air and there are no fall damage, which can lead to some pretty neat shortcuts (especially since the maps are procedural). There's no need to sprint since you can dash pretty much non stop. This make the game really fast since you're always dashing everywhere. It feels like Borderlands, except this time it's a proper FPS unlike Borderlands. Weapons feels good, upgrades and skills are not that powerful but can lead to some interesting results (there's an upgrade to turn your gun into a turret).

Coop mechanics aren't really fleshed out (no revive, no game-over, once you die you respawn to the last checkpoint, you can't drop items, etc) but you get to play the full campaign with your friends which is always nice.

Ennemies aren't as much bullet spongy as in the first one, there are many more weapons and some of them are pretty powerful. Overall it's the same game with more stuff to do, if you liked the previous game and the new Doom you will like this game.

Some of the jokes are pretty dumb. Also there is a giant metallic schlong in the second map.



Don't mind the screnshot quality, the game is actually really pretty.

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