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Hiroshi Yamauchi!!!


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I read the interview before reading these replies and as such believed it to be true. I was left quite speechless - not only is it overly patriotic and for the most part full of shit (the PSP shaped like a giant penis...ummm, ok), but in many ways it is self-contradictory and big headed. Perhaps I'm just biased against cocky people, but the whole thing left me with a feeling of dislike for the man. The main quote would have been a ballsy move and, regardless of what it was used for, demanding or respect for being so unorthodox, but as its a parody I guess its not really worth the imaginary paper its written on.

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so wait you read the interview and then posted and then read the replies?

should have been interview, replies, then post. Since posting something someone already said ain't contributing much, plus you woulda found out it was all fake anyways.

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