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A Game of Thrones

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12 minutes ago, [HP] said:

What the fuck? After all this hate, memes and disappointed people at the office saying this is the biggest pile of trash ever I went in with very tamed expectations, maybe that helped? Anyway, I finished the last ep last night, and both me and the wife absolutely adored this last season!
It's unexpected, full of plot twists and surprises, great dialog, great writing, great pacing, phenomenal acting, satisfactory culmination to all the different families and all the Stark brothers have some well deserved closure.

First half of the season is terrific, tbh if it all ended at the end of episode 3, it would already be good. The seconds half slows down a bit for good reason, and it started tying all the loose ends.

I sense I'm the only person on the planet who actually really enjoyed the ending of GoT, lol. Which is interesting since the first few seasons didn't really grab me as much as it did other people, the fandom around this show was borderline pretentious and annoying. Ironic but such is life.

My 2 cents I guess, I also think we shouldn't forget that GoT is a god damn TV show, I just feel grateful that very talented and passionate people were able to put together such a great show, GoT will be for sure be HBO's magnum opus for a long while, as much as I also love Westworld.


Like I said before, I'm pretty satisfied with the conclusion. My main complaints are in regards to how they got to that conclusion. People were let down because it was an extremely good show with clever writing and often surprising moments. That's why the last season was so disappointing. Some of the writing was mediocre at best.

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3 minutes ago, [HP] said:

Yep, I can respect that too, to each his own man! :D And yeah, I'm 100% serious, we really liked it.

Were you smoking at the time mate? :D surely that would make it more enjoyable.

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