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A Game of Thrones

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7 minutes ago, Beck said:
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It's ok, the Night King resurrected him! 

I feel the show is getting a bit silly now though...

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Gendry running to the wall (It seemed like they had trekked quite a bit North) and managing to make it unarmed, sending a raven to Dragonstone which is a long way away, even for a bird, then Dany getting the message and flying back up in time to save the day. I feel like this probably would have taken a few days and all she would have found was more corpses walking around. I know they tried to show a night had passed and maybe it was late the next day but it still seems a stretch. 

But then, maybe that's what the NK wanted. Maybe he knew Dany was in Westeros with dragons and he wanted one so he waited until he knew they were coming to attack.

Still, was a great episode. Loved the banter between The Hound and Tormund. 



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3 hours ago, El_Exodus said:

What a bummer that is, that the final season will come in 2019... Watched the whole S1-S7 in the last 4 weeks and now there's a 2 year break till the story continues ;__; Me sad

I read the last book in 2011 so that's 8 years to see the conclusion.

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