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A Game of Thrones

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15 hours ago, Pampers said:
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Once you accept that the concept of time and travel is abstract in this season it becomes much easier to watch :D


I know!! Holy shit are people getting around quick. When JM turns up at Dragonstone in an instant and then The Merry Trio at the wall I was all like



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18 hours ago, PogoP said:

Watched it. No spoilers... All I can say is, that me and my brother predicted something that happens in this ep. :v :v


Parts of this episode had me biting my nails. But what was with the walker and each one of his minions dying EXCEPT for a single one that then could be captured? How fucking convenient.


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I think it's funny that Gilly made the most important comment in the entire series and Sam just missed it.

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