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Alright, looked into the exact wording of story arcs and seems like it's different from what I thought it was. I meant that none of the different threads in the story line are finished, some even severed. Right now there's no closure and that leaves me somewhat dissatisfied after it now being the 3rd season already. I thought you could only call it an arc if there's an end to it.

I really like the character arcs though.

Jaime Lannister

has a good one, he's changed a lot and you've learned a lot regarding his past. I don't get that same satisfaction from the story cos I have no idea where it's going, but perhaps that's part of the charm for some people.

I said random cos it feels like reality-tv Westeros, it's just different stuff going on at the same time but I didn't find any deeper meaning so far. It's interesting, for sure, but the longer the series drags on the more I feel I'm looking AT the things on the screen rather than being invested in it (apart from the shock factors) cos nothing feels like it happens for a reason. I hope everything is leading to some sort of finale but how am I supposed to know that if I haven't read the books. Hence why I brought up the LOTR style of writing, you know what needs to happen and the journey is the story. I don't like being left in the middle of events, hence why I said a lot of it feels like filler episodes. Perhaps I'm just not intellectually capable of pulling all the different stories together and am missing something.

Stannis' war didn't go anywhere. Now Rob's war gone to shit as well. Iron Isles doing their shit. I dunno what the message is, if there even is any? Hence why I said reality tv, it's a very realistic approach and has its certain appeal because that's how stuff works in the real world but I'd rather have some idyllic (not sure that's the word?) overarching storyline.

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I'm sorry Lukas :( As I mentioned, I really like just watching the show, and I really REALLY like the fact that it doesn't have the typical "go to mount doom and war is over" story, but instead focuses on political relations and people fucking people over for their own gain. I don't want to over analyze it :)

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Well Chimeray I'm certainly not calling you intellectually incapable but it does seem that you missed a lot of references that actually were in the TV show. Even without the books it's pretty clear where certain things are going. You last spoiler remark is in fact so way off because episode 8 literally gave you an entire section on why that happened. It even predicted it.

If you want I could write down a short summary for you.

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Saw this...it's both incredibly disgraceful and hilarious. Wait for the end...because just when you start saying "omg that's shit parody and unfunny" at about 1:40 it goes into near double rainbow territory.


Hmm...I see huge arcs and major character development. And no, I have not read ahead into the books. Arcs aside, the dialogue scenes and the acting (some of the acting, at least) is awesome. Varys' dialogue is just sickingly witty and superbly acted.

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Just finished watching it all... holy shit episode 9 was absolutely blinding, I actually leaned forward in my seat, dropped my jaw and put my hands to my face... brilliant!

Daenerys sure has come a long way...

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Shit end to a shit season.

Yeah that's right. Come at me bros. Maybe you can all spin in a circle too.

You're welsh, therefore your opinion is invalid :v

But I agree that is isn't as strong as the previous two, the first four episodes were especially dull with the exception of

Jamie losing his hand

[edit]Oh one thing I was quite annoyed about was

Ros's death

, the best eyecandy in the programme gone :(

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