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A Game of Thrones

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I'll wiki your ass! You just wait! But seriously, Tyrion's wife and Jeyne are more a theory but the rest did have some strong hints. I'll look it up later if you care to read it. Otherwise, don't make me go to the hassle of typing that shit out with one hand :P

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I've read all the books as well and read reddit.com/r/asoiaf all day every day and I am pretty sure we know next to nothing about Tysha (Tyrions first wife). And Tyrion is not a father (that we know of, but i find it a bit weird that he has no bastards..). But there is a theory that Tysha is the Sailor's Wife, who is a courtesan that has a 13 year old daugther. Personally I think its a bit far fetched.

That being said, the part where Bran supposedly eats Jojen is a theory. Some find it ridicilous. The theory is labeled Jojen Paste. I am inclined to believe that at least some of his blood was used. Blood is a huge part of magic in the asoiaf universe, so why not. Its not more ridicilous than Stannis' shadow baby.

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I've read all the books dude you don't need to wiki me. I'm just curious as to where you got your information. Are you confusing some of this with the Witcher maybe.

​The wiki stuff was just me joking of course. I checked it and apparently I made a few mistakes. I really thought that Brienne was dead due to how Jaime described her (10 years older, pale, etc). The Tywin being poisoned part is actually pretty apparent. I looked up the text for you. You can read it here. I'm 100% convinced of this. It's not a theory. Skalg explained the rest. 

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Man we really need spoiler tags back, so hard not to read these spoilers. >_<

Anyway, Episode 9 has usually been the big one in GoT's history. Wonder what they're going to do!?

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Now I have no pity for Stannis Baratheon. I really try to understand his motivations behind this act and why he's listening Melisandre...but...no I can't. 
Ok, I agree, he already had the proof that she can make things with royal blood and her magical power but in this situation what will she do ? 

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​I for one am happy that all the Stannis the Mannis bandwagoners are gone. He alredy killed his brother, burned a man and had no problems killing everyone else in his way. He was always this way, so I knew this was going to happend when they showed us suddenly him being a good guy with his daughter, so that we would get feels for him and then do a 180 in our perception of him

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