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"From Earth" is a single player Source mod with its sh*t together... TF2 / CS:GO mappers who want to try SP design should work on it

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hey, just want to shill for someone else's HL2 mod called "From Earth" -- it's a first person Mirror's Edge parkour-ish mod, with a crafting-puzzle system and a sci-fi narrative. it's not far from AAA tendencies, but it's also pretty fresh, which I think is where a lot of Mapcorians want to be.

now: they need env artists / level designers, and I think especially TF2 / CS:GO designers who want to dip their toes into single player design should really jump onto this -- this team knows what they're doing.

they're a really great team that is strong in coding, character modeling, and animation... those are traditionally the hardest roles to recruit for, and they already have that stuff locked down. this is also a team that knows what they're doing -- they've finished 2 pretty big single player mods with new code / mechanics (Human Error / Water)

they are also doing everything right -- they have a bunch of core gameplay implemented and prototyped, and they're iterating in the right places. the thing already feels pretty solid.

this is a mod project that will almost definitely get finished, and they won't waste your time, and you'll end up making some great work.

(I would totally help out if I had time, but I don't... but at the same time, I don't want this opportunity to get wasted, so I'm vouching for them in this awkward way.)

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