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Todesangst - Source Edition: positions available

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Hey, everyone!

I'm the Project Leader for the Todesangst series of Half-Life single player mods, including the original Todesangst and Todesangst 2: der echte Feind (T2DEF). Just weeks ago I started laying out the plans and launched the development work for Todesangst - Source Edition, which will be the Half-Life 2 version of these two mods. Not just a plain port - I'm planning on making improvements to use the Source engine features as much as possible, but still stay true to the story and game play of the originals. Plus, this is a good "warm up" project for what could come next - the third and final installment, Todesangst 3.

The team currently has the following positions available:

Modeler/Skinner (1-2 positions)

Create the following high-definition models:

-The seven scientists: Newell, Walter, Albert, Sanjay, Ethan, Oscar, and Lukas. Can use Walter from HL2 as a starting base, but final versions need to mimic the unique features of the existing characters.

-The security guard Joe. Probably would use Barney as a starting base, basically just need a new head and face.

-Gordon, in both a hazard suit and scientist garb.

-Unique Todesangst monsters: Xenanthropod, Schwarzgeist troopers (5 versions), M450 laser, giant rat, and Ka50.

Also would need to port some additional models, not necessarily in hi-def, including the leech, troopers, friendly (aka macrobrachius), bloater, and chumtoad.

Texture Artist (1 position)

-Create hi-definition materials of approximately 50 classic Black Mesa textures, and approximately 50 unique Todesangst textures.

-Incorporate Source engine features, such as normal maps, transparency, material sound effects, etc as appropriate on the new materials.

Applicants need to have some experience working in the position of choice, but not necessarily as part of a prior mod project. As this is not a commercial product there will be no monetary compensation, but this is a great opportunity to get exposure for your talents. Please forward sample images of your work if you are interested in joining a team with a proven track record of quality work and getting the game out!

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Oh cool I enjoyed Todesangst very much, so I'm looking forward to Todesangst - Source.

Maybe you should correct the title "der echte Feind". German titels, even after a colon, always begin with a capital letter. Maybe "Der wahre Feind" would be a better translation, because it just sounds better ;)

But hey, it's cool you try to learn German. I know it's very difficult for English speaking people... The other way round isn't too easy as well *sigh*

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Hey, Uncle-

Actually, I had planned on re-recording many of the voices for better quality, just hadn't gotten to that point in development yet since modelling and texturing were more paramount right now.

Email me which characters & a sample or two that you would be interested in (except Gordon, Lukas, and Ethan which the orig team members are still on). Joe and Newell need the most work (my own suck-ass attempt at voicing :( )


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. . . as I was saying, I really need help with this mod, especially so with the texturing at this time. Judging by the quality of most of the textures in the HL1 competition thread there's more than one member here that has the skilz to do the job.

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